What’s up gorgeous soul!

Welcome to this playful, expansive space!

My name is Rachael Fisher

I'm your go-to gal for Mindset, Energy & Embodiment Coaching!

I’ve been coaching now for 4 years & am so deeply in love with helping coaches just like you show up empowered, & full of worthiness in their business. I believe you get to have your cake & eat it too in life.

You’re a unique, incredible person with your own set of needs, experiences, & desires which means that everything we do together is a collective effort with your highest vision & needs as a top priority.

My coaching is not a one size fit all approach. We go DEEP in all areas of your life & business to help you create lasting transformation on an identity level. This is about creating full-body, mind & soul liberation where you will learn how to build & expand what’s already innately within you during our time together.

This ain't your mama's mindset advice (hehe), together we help transform your subconscious mind + body to feel worthy & confident so you can powerfully serve in your business, sign soulmate clients, launch your epic offers with confidence, feel secure in your relationship with money as you increase your income, & feel qualified AF as you serve your clients & community.

This is about you truly learning & understanding that what you experience in your business has everything to do with how you FEEL, deep down on a cellular level.

I value you, & your commitment to your vision. Coaching is sacred to me. The leaders who choose to walk alongside me in a divine partnership know with a full body fuck yes that this is for them, & make it happen.

Your business is a sacred vessel to help raise the vibration of the planet.


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Committed to elevating your impact & income as a premium coach?


Perfect, lets play 🔥

6 Month Program

  • Two 60 minute calls per month on zoom
  • Two 30 minute SOS calls for extra support to use if needed during our time together
  • Access to all resources, & courses that take place during our time together (including Launch Magick & The Sacred Self Sanctuary)
  • Voxer support Mon-Fri
  • Welcome gift
  • Practices & rituals to support your expansion
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6 Month Program + Expansion Weekend

  • All of what's included in 6 Month Program
  • 2-day experience hosted virtually where we dive deep into a specific area of your life & business that you’re committed to radically shifting → spirituality, health, relationships, business, money, or personal growth & development
  • Each day will be around 3-4 hours of potent experiences where we use modalities such a Trauma Aware NLP, Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing & Coaching to help facilitate your transformation
  • What’s included: 1 meal paid for each day from a restaurant of your choice, a spa experience (massage or nails), an Expansion Gift to make sure you have everything you need for our time together, recorded Hypnosis tailored to your specific needs, & notes + summary from our time together
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Trauma Aware Neuro-linguistic Programing
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Life & Success Coaching
T.I.M.E Techniques
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Holistic Life & Health Coaching


Spiritual Wisdom

I'm constantly learning, evolving & improving my ability
to serve my clients.

Every session will be intuitively guided, tapping into which ever modality is required for your transformation in that moment.

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Working with Rachael is an actual dream.

”I’ve come further than I ever thought was possible. I’ve made so much money I can’t even believe it! She is such an incredible mentor who holds me so close. Our work together has made me a better leader, daughter, sister & friend. I can’t recommend working with her enough. It’s been one of the best decisions of my life.”


- Micah

Divine Channel

A level of support unlike any I’ve ever received before.

"Every single day, in & out of our sessions, I felt safe. Safe to feel, safe to express, safe to be. She helped me break through so many blocks that I wasn’t even aware of. My goal at the beginning of the program was to feel “unfuckwithable” & she truly helped me get there. One of the greatest gifts she gives to her clients is leading by example the type of coach they GET to be. She is the definition of love and there’s no doubt she is fulfilling her soul’s mission through the work she’s doing."


- Olivia

Spiritual Life Coach

Working with Rachael is an all encompassing support vessel.

"Working with Rachael is a divine remembrance of how incredibly beautiful, magnificent, & unique you truly are. She has the ability to change the trajectory of the rest of your life with her work. Truthfully, if signing up with Rachael has been sitting on your mind at all, my advice to you is to leap. Leap with full faith that she is there to guide you where you’ve always desired to go."


- Shay

Conscious Coach

My biggest transformations were up-leveling my own self worth.

"Working with Rachael is so expansive, she is such a light to work with. She helped me trust in myself & truly unblock the things that were needed for me to move forward. It goes way beyond business. We worked together at such a deep level. I was able to charge double my regular rate, work with clients that I absolutely adore, & better communicate my needs. I truly feel like she helped me balance my masculine & feminine energies, & be more receptive. I really can’t recommend her enough, not only monetary transformations, but internal ones."


- Ale

Human Design & Mindset Coach