What’s up gorgeous soul!

Welcome to this playful, expansive space!

Business Energetics, Mindset Alchemy, Embodiment & Heart-led Strategy For Bold, Brave & Brilliant Leaders

Soul deep sustainability, prosperity, liberated expression & fulfillment as you soar to 6 figures & beyond

You’re here because you’re devoted to soaring to new heights in ways that haven’t been done before

I believe you get to have your cake & eat it too in life.

You’re a unique, incredible person with your own set of needs, experiences, & desires which means that everything we do together is a collective effort with your highest vision & needs as a top priority.

My coaching is not a one size fit all approach. We go DEEP in all areas of your life & business to help you create lasting transformation on an identity level. This is about creating full-body, mind & soul liberation where you will learn how to build & expand what’s already innately within you during our time together.

I value you, & your commitment to your vision. Coaching is sacred to me. The leaders who choose to walk alongside me in a divine partnership know with a full body fuck yes that this is for them, & make it happen.

Your business is a sacred vessel to help raise the vibration of the planet.

Together we rise eye to eye, heart to heart & soul to soul

Choose Your Container

6 Month Program

  • Two 60 minute calls per month on zoom
  • Two 30 minute calls for bonus support to use if needed during our time together
  • Access to all resources, & courses that take place during our time together (including Launch Magick & The Sacred Self Sanctuary)
  • Voxer coaching support Mon-Fri
  • Welcome gift
  • Practices & rituals to support your expansion
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6 Month Program + Expansion Weekend

  • All of what's included in 6 Month Program PLUS...
  • 2-day experience hosted virtually where we dive deep into a specific area of your life & business that you’re committed to radically shifting → spirituality, health, relationships, business, money, or personal growth & development
  • Each day will be around 3-4 hours of potent experiences where we use modalities such a Trauma Aware NLP, Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing & Coaching to help facilitate your transformation
  • What’s included: 1 meal paid for each day from a restaurant of your choice, a spa experience, an Expansion Gift to make sure you have everything you need for our time together, recorded Hypnosis tailored to your specific needs, & notes + summary from our time together
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Trauma Aware Neuro-linguistic Programing
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Life & Success Coaching
T.I.M.E Techniques
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Holistic Life & Health Coaching


Spiritual Wisdom

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