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Hello gorgeous soul!

I invite you to take a nice long deep breath into your body. Thank you for trusting your intuition & landing in this space. It's no accident that you arrived here.
Working with me 1:1 is for the woman who is turned on by her vision, her evolution, & the mission she is carrying forth in the world.
The woman who knows she doesn’t need anything outside of herself but who is excited about partnering in a sacred coaching space where she receives a high level of support, guidance, & accountability as she launches, serves, & scales in her soul-led business.
The woman who knows what she is here to do, is self led, & who is committed to living in a state of overflow, pleasure, & prosperity in every edge, corner & aspect of her life.

The woman who is turned the fuck on by investing in a high calibre coaching container where she will quantum leap her whole damn life, experience juicy levels of liberation + overflow in every aspect of her life + business.
The woman who knows the value of investing in herself, her vision & who is all in energetically.
This is about you being deeply embodied in everything that you touch, feel, & do inside & outside of your business.
Committed to feeling deeply worthy, liberated, secure, & full of pleasure in your business? Yes? FUCK YES
This application has been created to help me feel your energy so I can understand how to best support you in your business.
Please find a quiet space, drop into your heart, and gift yourself this time to dive into your vision from a place of total honesty & transparency.

It is important to me to also be transparent with you in all ways, and that includes the financial investment

There are two options for the investment & commitment of working together 1:1 

Length: 4 or 6 Months

- Each package includes up to 3 calls a month (you are free to choose between 1-3 calls a month depending on your desire/needs at the time (*Note: Calls do not get banked or saved. If you choose to only book 1 or 2 calls a month because that’s the level of support you feel called to receive, that’s totally fine*)
- Voxer coaching Monday-Friday during business hours
- Access to any courses I release in the 4 or 6 months that we work together
- Access to any guest experts that I bring into my containers

4 Months: $10,000 usd PIF (Payment Plan Options: 4 monthly payments of $2500 or 6 monthly payments of $1666.66)
6 Months: $15,000 usd PIF (Payment Plan Options: 6 monthly payments of $2500 or 8 monthly payments of $1875)

The questions in this application have been created with intention to help you drop into your heart, & your vision so we can both feel into the energy of co-creating together!
With love,
Rachael xx

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What is your name?

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What is your email?

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What is your Instagram username?

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Briefly describe your business & what it is that you do!

Question 6 of 17

What is your big vision in your business? What does that feel like and look like manifesting into physical form?

Question 7 of 17

If anything, what would be different in your life if you currently were experiencing all that is within that vision?

Question 8 of 17

Is there anything holding you back right now from fully bringing that vision to life? Are there any patterns, beliefs, or behaviors that you experience that you feel are getting in the way? 

Question 9 of 17

What gets to happen when you are operating from a place of deep worthiness, pleasure, & overflow in your business? What does that feel like in your body? What would the impact of this look like as you launch, serve, & scale in your business?

Question 10 of 17

What coaching have you received in the past? What has worked for you, and what hasn't?

Question 11 of 17

Why is now a divine time for you to prioritize your healing, liberation, pleasure & evolution in this way as a business owner & as a leader?

Question 12 of 17

What feels the most exciting about existing in your beautiful vision in this lifetime? What is it that lights your soul on fire, what turns you on, what ignites your passion for what you do?

Question 13 of 17

Vision exercise: Flash forward to 4-6 months from now, what does the next level of your life & business FEEL like? What has changed? What have you accomplished? Who are you?

Question 14 of 17

What about me, Rachael feels like a fuck yes to have as your mentor? Why do you want to work with me?

Question 15 of 17

Do you take full ownership and responsibility for your life? Are you ALL in for creating the fuck yes results, experiences, & business you desire? 




I don't know



Question 16 of 17

Coaching with me 1:1 is a 4-6 month commitment.  Are you in a place right now to create space + invest time into your evolution as an embodied leader?

Question 17 of 17

Working privately with me is a high-level mentorship experience. I only work with people who are a full body fuck yes committed to this experience, & investment. 


I have the money and I'm ready to make a 5-figure investment towards my souls evolution as an embodied leader


I have access to financial resources to invest 5-figures (payment plans are available!)


I don't have the financial resources or have access to them. I understand that this disqualifies my application.

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