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Thank you for trusting your intuition & arriving here! So excited to feel into your energy & vision.

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First off, thank you so much for taking the time to be here! I'm so excited to connect with you.

1:1 coaching is a sacred devotion. This is a life shifting experience. I'm here to support you & hold you to your highest vision as you rise embodied in YOUR truth, brilliance & leadership. This is about creating life long transformation.

This application is ONLY for you if you’re truly committed to claim your delicious desires, take radical responsibility over your evolution, tap further into yummy prosperity, liberate your expression, & allow yourself to expand your capacity to receive more of what you desire in your life & business!

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What is your name, pronouns, IG handle, & email?

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Gimme all the deets! Tell me about yourself, your business, & all that encompasses what you do!

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What is your big vision in your business & life? What does that feel like and look like? What will you see, hear, & feel?

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What are you desiring support with? What are you desiring to shift, accomplish & work on during our time together?

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What would be different in your life & business if you were currently experiencing all that you desire? What specifically gets to shift, & evolve?

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Visualize yourself 6 months to a year from now, already being immersed in your juiciest of timelines, & having successfully claimed your desires, how would that feel in your body? What does this version of you believe? How do you live? How do you take action? How do you relate to money, success, & carrying forth your mission?

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What coaching have you received in the past? What was that like for you?

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Why is now a the most delicious time to say YES to yourself in this way?

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What about me Rachael, feels like a fuck yes to have as your Coach? Why do you want to work with me?

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Do you take full ownership and responsibility for your life? Are you ALL in for creating the fuck yes results, experiences, & business you desire? 




I don't know



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Are you devoted to claiming your new reality & making bold, brave moves as a leader?




Naw, too scared. I'll let fear win.

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Are you committed to investing in yourself, your vision & your mission? Do you believe & trust that you are so deeply worthy of investing in yourself?


YES! Absolutely!



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1:1 Private Coaching Partnership

1:1 coaching is a sacred devotion. I'm here to support you & hold you to your highest vision as you rise embodied in YOUR truth, brilliance & leadership. This is about creating life long transformation.

6 Month Container Details:

- Two 45-60 minute calls a month

- Access to all resources & courses created during our time together (including Launch Magick & The Sacred Self Sanctuary)
- Voxer Coaching Support Mon-Fri
- Welcome gift
- Practices & rituals to support your expansion

PIF: 20k USD
Payment Plan: 6 monthly payments of $3333.33 USD (Alternative extended payment plans are available upon request)

*To add on an Expansion weekend it's a one time payment of $2555 USD on top of the 6 month container (payment plans are available)*

Your investments signal to your subconscious mind what's of importance to you -- this is a commitment to your expansion

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I'd like to choose a payment plan for the 6 month container & expansion weekend

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If you have any questions that you would like to ask me, please drop them below!

Upon receiving your application, I'll review it & get back to you within 24 hours!

Thank you so much for sharing your vision, truth & magic with me! Sending you so much love!

Rach xx

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